How we can help

Fercon has worked with a diverse range of clients ranging from large corporate institutions and Government organisations through to smaller investors and developers to deliver a successful commercial project. The experience of the Fercon team ensures that projects are completed on time, within the project budget and to the highest level of quality.

There are a variety of ways to engage Fercon to undertake your commercial building project;

Design & Construction

Fercon can be engaged from the inception of the project reviewing project concepts, outlining strategies and helping clients avoid delays, redundant design, buildability pitfalls and cost overruns from the outset.

We can undertake this process directly for the client and their team or we can bring together our own team of experienced professionals to establish a project brief, establish the terms of engagement along with initial programme, project methodology and costing analysis.

The process of engaging Fercon at the pre-construction stage has proven to save both time and money and our ability to manage the process ensures that key project milestones are achieved.

Request for Quote

Fercon can also review your project documentation and provide a comprehensive and detailed quote. Once this quote has been accepted, it is combined into a National Standard Contract Instrument thereby ensuring its compliance in all aspects of contract management and delivery.

The quote involves a comprehensive costing process with attention to detail to avoid costly surprises. Fercon have established and maintain an extensive pool of subcontractors and suppliers to ensure every quote is competitive.

Tender Submission

Fercon has a high success rate in our tender submissions. Our competitive pricing, detailed and realistic project execution plans and programmes combined with our internationally certified systems and standards ensures each tender is compliant and comprehensive to allow clients to make informed decisions regarding their project.